5 Electric Two-Wheelers Best Suited for Indian Roads

5 Electric Two-Wheelers Best Suited for Indian Roads

The electric two-wheelers market has outperformed the expectations of analysts and stakeholders alike. Especially in the year 2022, the two-wheeler EV market has witnessed some milestones pertaining to sales and of course innovation. As per latest sales data, two-wheelers sales have seen a 237% jump as compared to the last year, whereas the monthly data indicates a 13% increase in sales in the month of August 2022 when compared with July 2022.

These numbers are undoubtedly encouraging for many, while they also indicate the changing preferences of the Indian consumer. Brands have prioritized innovation in all their undertakings and rightly so, with the timely support of the government through their friendly policies. In this blog, we bring to you the most advanced and rider-friendly electric two-wheelers which are the best match for Indian roads and weather conditions as well.

1.        Hayasa Ira:

Specially designed keeping in mind the everyday needs of the uber cool, the style queen Ira is the best  bet in its segment. This style icon comes with a detachable battery splash-proof design and sturdiness that lasts for long. This two wheeler can safely be considered to increase the style quotient of the young, especially women.

2.        GT Force Soul:

GT Force Soul belongs to the latest and advanced breed of smart scooters in India, fitted with a modern display which can be viewed hassle-free even during the day time. Aimed at giving commuters an unparalleled riding experience in its segment, the Soul is one of the most comfortable and affordable smart scooters from GT Force.

3.        Asis Helico Li-Ion 60V/30Ah:

Apart from being an environment-friendly vehicle, the Helico comes with modern features like remote control lock, alarm system, anti-theft device, digital metre and LED lights. The product is yet another achievement in the direction of making businesses sustainable while promoting local manufacturing.

4.        eRise e-1 Li-Ion 60V:

The eRise e-1 Li-Ion 60V eco-friendly, rider-friendly and economic scooter which has been designed taking into consideration the challenging city-riding conditions. The powerful acceleration gives it the sudden boost which is much needed in crowded areas whereas smart performance features make riding comfortable on uneven roads.

5.        Raymotoss Rider R-1

Raymotoss Rider R-1 specially designed light body and good storage space are must have features while riding on Indian roads. Some unique features like the inbuilt tracker can prove to be a big boost in terms of security.

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