How to Ride an Electric Bicycle: 5 Things to Know Before Riding!

How to Ride an Electric Bicycle: 5 Things to Know Before Riding!
How to Ride an Electric Bicycle

From heightened environmental awareness, and stringent lockdowns to rising focus on healthcare, there are several reasons responsible for the cycling boom in India.

According to a recent CRISIL report, the bicycle market in the country is expected to register a decadal-high demand growth of 20% in this fiscal.

And while traditional bicycles continue to be the most popular, the demand for electric bicycles or eBicycles is rising too. Electric bicycles are not only eco-friendly commute companions but are also known to offer an improved cycling experience.

With India aggressively moving towards electric modes of transport, eBicycles are only expected to grow in popularity. But, how to ride an electric bicycle, and what you should know before riding one?

What to Know Before You Ride an Electric Bicycle?

If you are planning to invest in an electric bicycle, it is essential to enlighten yourself about the basics of riding an eBicycle. Here are some tips on how to ride an electric bicycle and things to know before you ride an eBicycle for the first time.

1. Pedal-Assist or Throttle - What Does It Mean?

An electric bicycle is powered by a battery pack and a motor. Most of the electric bicycles available in India come with pedal-assist and throttle modes. The pedal-assist mode, as the name suggests, offers a battery-powered assist when you pedal. In simple words, it will give a riding boost and help you save energy.

The throttle mode eliminates the need to pedal. The motor engages when you activate the throttle mode, and you can just ride your bicycle without pedaling. In many ways, it is similar to riding a scooter or bike.

2. Electric Bicycles are Faster

As electric bicycles are powered by an EV battery and a motor, they are faster than traditional bicycles. So, if you are wondering how to ride an electric bicycle for the first time then one area of concern in this regard is your riding safety. Drivers on the road are accustomed to a certain level of speed from cyclists. But the dynamics can change significantly when you are riding an electric bicycle due to its speed.

Drivers can misjudge an electric bicycle's speed, which could lead to accidents. So, ensure that you always wear appropriate safety gear while riding your electric bicycle and be extra careful in traffic. If there are cycling lanes on the road, stick to them for enhanced safety.

3. You Don’t Need a License to Ride an Electric Bicycle

The ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) is responsible for certifying all-electric vehicles in the country. As per the directives of ARAI, electric bicycles with a maximum power limit of 250w and a speed limit of 25kmph are classified as non-motor vehicles.

This is the reason why eBicycles have a speed limit of 25kmph. However, you can always ride faster by pedaling or using the pedal-assist feature. As electric bicycles are non-motor vehicles, you don’t need a license for riding them. In fact, you don’t even need registration or insurance for using them.

4. Know Your Purpose for Buying an Electric Bicycle

Most of the electric bicycles currently available in the Indian markets are road bicycles that are ideal for commuting on city roads. Then you have models like EMotorad EMX with dual suspension and all-terrain tires for trail riding. Also, an electric cargo bicycle Hero Lectro Winn is launched recently.

So, there are now eBicycles that are exclusively designed for specific purposes like regular commutes, trail riding, cargo delivery, and more. When browsing through the options, ensure that you clearly understand why you are purchasing the bicycle, as it will significantly impact what you choose.

5. Electric Bicycle Requires Regular Charging

Needless to say, you’ll be required to charge the battery of your electric bicycle regularly. The range specifies the distance an eBicycle can travel on a full charge. With bicycles that come with throttle and pedal-assist modes, you’ll mostly find individual ranges for both modes.

In throttle mode, the average range you can expect is 30-60kms. There are also models such as Voltron VM 100 that claim to offer 80-100kms in throttle mode. Most bicycles come with a removable battery that you can easily charge at your home. Some manufacturers also provide battery charges.

Ride an Electric Bicycle: Join the Revolution

Electric bicycles are fun and offer an exceptional riding experience. You can make your commute easier and more eco-friendly with the option to switch to the pedal-assist mode when you are in the mood to exercise. A large number of valuable benefits have also encouraged a lot of traditional cyclists to switch to the electric counterpart.

Now that you know a lot more about how to ride an electric bicycle and other important things, you are one step closer to making an informed buying decision that can improve your health, help the environment, and even offer considerable savings in the longer run.

Browse through many top electric bicycles and choose the one as per your need.