5 Things to Know Before Buying a Hoverboard!

5 Things to Know Before Buying a Hoverboard!
Things to Know Before Buying a Hoverboard

You might have seen people zooming through the streets on hi-tech self-balancing devices in several YouTube videos. Known as hoverboards, these electric scooters are already very popular in foreign countries. In the last few years, Indians too are warming up to the idea of this trending rideable.

But if you are planning to buy one, you might have several questions you want to be answered before making the final decision. So in this post, we’ve listed 5 important things every buyer should know about hoverboards to help them with the purchase.

1. Working of Hoverboards

There are basically four vital components of a hoverboard. It is the gyroscope, battery, motor, and microprocessors. The gyroscope is primarily responsible for adjusting the tilt and helping the hoverboard maintain balance. In a way, the motor also has a role to play in balancing as it powers the two wheels enabling the hoverboard to move.

The battery holds the electric charge, and microprocessors regulate the power to the wheels. These components work together to help you balance yourself on the hoverboard as it moves.

2. Changing Directions While Riding a Hoverboard

Unlike electric bicycles or scooters, hoverboards don’t feature any handlebars for turning. So, how do you change directions when riding a hoverboard? You’d be amazed to know that you can change directions by simply adjusting your feet on the hoverboard.

Place your weight forward to propel forward and place it on the wheels to move backward. The intensity of the weight you put forward or backward also determines the hoverboard speed. As for turning, you simply need to press on the right or left foot forward and the other foot backward to move in either direction.

3. Types of Hoverboards

With the rising popularity, brands have now introduced an extensive range of hoverboards in India. They can be divided into three categories- Off-road, classic, and self-balancing. Off-road hoverboards feature bigger wheels and a more powerful motor. Classic models feature a gyroscope for keeping the hoverboard upright.

Self-balancing hoverboards are equipped with advanced technologies, including an additional inner gyroscope to help with the tilt. When browsing through the options, some of the factors that deserve your utmost attention are speed, battery power, internal motor, and materials. Compare them thoroughly to make the right selection.

4. Charging Time, Range, and Speed

Hoverboards are powered by an electric battery. You’ll have to charge the battery regularly like you charge your mobile phone. In most cases, hoverboards need to be charged for at least 3-4 hours for the battery to go from 0% to 100%.

Once fully charged, you can ride your hoverboard for 5-10kms, depending on the model you’ve selected. Talking about speed, it can significantly vary between hoverboards from different brands. There are models with a top speed of 8kmph, and there are also models with speeds of up to 20kmph available in India.

5. Hoverboard Cost

The cost depends on the hoverboard you select. You can now find an extensive range of self-balancing hoverboards with features like an inner-gyroscope, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, app connectivity, ABS braking, etc. Such models can easily cost upwards of Rs. 35,000.

Off-road hoverboards that can help you get past challenging terrain cost more than Rs. 40,000. If you are looking for a classic hoverboard model from a trusted brand, you need to spend around 15,000 to Rs. 25,000.

Time to Hover

Now that you know some of the basics of hoverboards, start browsing through the best hoverboards in India. Ensure that you purchase the product from a well-known brand like eWheelers, as it directly impacts the quality of the hoverboard you purchase.

Also, while hoverboards sure are a lot of fun, ensure that you wear protective gear and take all the basic precautions for complete safety.