Why is eWheelers Your Most Reliable Marketplace to Shop for Electric Two Wheelers Across India?

Why is eWheelers Your Most Reliable Marketplace to Shop for Electric Two Wheelers Across India?

Why is eWheelers Your Most Reliable Marketplace to Shop for Electric Two Wheelers Across India?

With the pollution levels at their all-time high not just throughout the country but across the globe, the shift towards electric mobility seems inevitable, and that too rapidly. The country is undergoing a large-scale adoption of electric two-wheelers, irrespective of region.

However, there are hardly any platforms across the country which adopt a comprehensive outlook toward the facilitation of achieving complete electrification. This is one of the main reasons why eWheelers Mobility Solutions came into existence.

eWheelers is a unique digital marketplace that guarantees peace of mind to the customers in terms of making the buying decision, while our experience studios emphasize the physical experience. Welcome to the Phygital world of smart mobility!

Want to know why you should choose www.ewheelers.com while purchasing your first electric two-wheeler and every electric two-wheeler and related services? Let’s find out!

  • Robust Charging Network

Our Locate e-Charge Hub feature assists users in locating the nearest e-charge hub to their location, where they can conveniently charge their ebike on the go. Additionally, being a part of the eWheelers charging network guarantees unlimited access to the latest and up-to-date tools, both online and offline, for your EV charging needs.

  • Modern Battery Swapping Services

When your discharged batteries are handed over at one of the charging stations associated with eWheelers, the staff takes extra care while putting them back on charge, involving certain checks, which ultimately adds an extra layer of safety. As an additional safety measure, your vehicle is not allowed to be in close proximity to the charging batteries when you choose to go for a battery swap. Hence the risk to your vehicle and life is zero.

  • Free RSA from eWheelers

We keep the emergency needs of our customers as the top priority. As the first phygital marketplace across the country, we are committed to delivering unparalleled riding and maintenance experiences to our valued customers. Flat tyre assistance, medical value add, towing pan-India aid, and coverage is some of the most sought-after features of our RSA.

  • Easy Finance and Insurance Options

eWheelers has carefully taken into consideration all the obstacles that may arise when applying for insurance pertaining to electric two wheelers and developed apt solutions for the same. For this, we have a dedicated network of banks providing the best interest rates that assist our customers in seamless financing with minimal paperwork and maximum reliability.

  • Hybrid Retail Stores Pan-India

eWheelers has successfully launched the hybrid retail model (phygital e-commerce) pan-India and is currently offering multiple fulfillment options and enhanced experiences to dealers and customers alike. Before starting your emobility journey, you can utilize the eWheelers marketplace to compare and shortlist products (electric scooters, electric bikes, electric motorcycles, etc.) that best suit your requirements, including your budget.

Know more about our services in detail. Click on: www.ewheelers.com

The Future Journey Goes On!